Custom Home Consultation FAQs

At Moose Builders we value our customers and strive to provide an unmatched consultation experience. We want our customers to understand all the complexities of their dream projects and exactly what we will provide in assisting you in making that dream come true. 

Below are a few frequently asked questions (FAQs) that customers may sometimes wonder about the initial consultation visit and what is involved in the initial visit to your home or project location.


Custom Homes

Why should I invest in a consultation with Moose Builders?

By allowing Moose Builders to partner with you to provide an initial consultation, we are able to provide you with knowledge that has been derived from years of experience and formal training so you can make an informed decision about your project needs. You are able to ask questions specific to your project and get straightforward answers you can trust. This gives you peace of mind and confidence the job will be done right, following all local and state zoning and building codes.

The consultation provides you and us an opportunity to meet one another and start a relationship that is pertinent to your experience during the project. Trusting your builder is important and we want our customers to have confidence in the people who are helping “build their dreams.”

Since we are providing our customers with a service that most companies do not provide, we do charge a nominal fee, which most customers agree is well worth the investment. We offer a menu of options for customers to choose from: 

**Please note that any money spent with Moose builders on any of the following services will be credited toward the customers final invoice if they choose to move forward with Moose Builders as their Custom home contractor. (**Excluding the cost of the Home plans)

Land w/ grading cost

  • In addition to the services offered during the land visit, Moose Builders can evaluate the proposed home-site and surrounding locations to provide estimates surrounding land grading/clearing costs.

Perc Test Consultation

  • In addition to the land visit services, Moose Builders can help you physically stake/mark locations for the home and perc test site according to county/city building and zoning codes. This would include one perc test site.
  • Moose builders will arrange for your holes to be dug per the appropriate specifications per city/county code(s).
  • Moose Builders will also complete the required paperwork and submit to the county in order to meet compliance. We will meet the county enviornmentalist on the property when they come to examine the property and answer any questions they have regarding the project. 

Price Custom Home

(*up to 2500 sqft)
  • Moose Builders can work with house plans provided by the customer OR partner a customer with our in-network home design services to help them develop a set of custom house plans (**additional fee will apply for custom house plans). Using the house plans, site specifics, and other relevant factors, Moose Builders can provide you with an estimate/quote for your chosen plans. This involves substantial work and communication between Moose Builders and the customer. The estimate will be detailed and include allowances for items the customer will select (tile, appliances, countertops, fixtures, etc). This will also serve as the contract/proposal for authorization of work once the customer makes a decision to move forward with the home. It  has all the information needed by a lending institution for a construction loan (if applicable).
  • **(An average custom home plan is $1900.00 (2501-3000 sqft home)- payable to the our in-network home designer. This includes custom changes to make the plans your own)(***Home plan prices vary depending on sqft of home)
Once the consultation is scheduled, you will receive an invoice via email. You may pay directly online through the link on the invoice OR you may mail a check to “Moose Builders of NC, Inc to the address of 142 Family Faith Dr, Locust NC 28097. We recommend paying online as we will be notified immediately and will expedite the process. This leaves you with peace of mind about your project and a very professional experience that is hard to find in the construction industry. 


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