Consultation Scenarios 

Moose Builders offers a wide variety of consultation services to help customers make the best decision possible for their dream project.

Below are a few different example scenarios where customers may enlist the consultation services of Moose Builders to help them build their dream home. 

New Home Scenario

John and Susan own a piece of land and are considering building a house. They aren’t sure if the land has town/city utilities or if the land has been perc’d or will perc (if applicable). They also aren’t sure about the county/town/city ordinances, zoning, and how they would even start with building a house on the piece of land. They know they will need a long driveway and some trees will need to be cleared. They have a dream of building a beautiful custom home on this piece of land but don’t even know where to begin with figuring out what the first steps should be. They don’t know who to contact in the town or county to figure out all the details and information they need to make an educated decision. They also have no idea what building their dream home on this specific piece of land they own will cost and need guidance on what a reasonable budget would be to even know if they are in the right “ballpark.”


Moose Builders Services/Solutions


In the above scenario with John and Susan, Moose Builders offers several consultation services to aid John and Susan in achieving their dreams of building a custom home on their land. Moose Builders offers a “land visit” consultation where we set up an appointment with John and Susan and walk the land with them. We review the topography, lot lines, and other pertinent environmental variables that impact building a home. During the land visit, John and Susan can ask Moose Builders questions and get knowledgeable answers from professionals who understand building costs, zoning ordinances, and environmental policies. We will help you answer general questions you may have regarding the specifics and complexities of your land and how all that will coordinate to build your home.

If John and Susan feel comfortable with the information learned during the initial land visit, they can then choose to move forward with a “land visit with grading consultation” to get specific information and grading cost to clear the home site, cut in the driveway, and prepare for utilities. Moose Builders will work with their in-network grader and coordinate for the grading company to make a visit to the project site. They can also choose for Moose Builders to lay out the home site, perc test sites, and coordinate with the environmental department to schedule a perc test visit. 

Once John and Susan get the pricing from the grader and the perc test passes, they can then work with Moose Builders to price out a custom home for the site. Moose Builders can work with house plans provided by the customer, partner a customer with our in-network architect to help them develop a set of custom house plans (**additional fee will apply for custom house plans), and/or provide the customer with a set of house plans offered by Moose Builders. Once John and Susan select a home plan they like; using the house plans, site specifics, and other relevant factors- Moose Builders can provide John and Susan with a detailed proposal for the plans of their choosing. This involves a substantial amount of work and communication between Moose Builders and the customer. The estimate will be detailed and include allowances for items the customer will select (tile, appliances, countertops, fixtures, etc). This will also serve as the contract/proposal for authorization of work once the customer makes a decision to move forward with the home. It also serves as all the information needed by a lending institution for a construction loan

Remodel Scenario

Frank and Jenny own a 1950s ranch home. They would like to remodel the kitchen and knock out a wall that they arent’ sure is load-bearing to create an open living space for their kitchen, dining, and living room areas. They aren’t sure how much all that would cost and if they would be able to be in the house while the renovations are being completed. 

Moose Builders Services/solutions

In the above scenario with Frank and Jenny, Moose Builders offers consultation services that will help Frank and Jenny decide if remodeling their kitchen would be the right choice for them. We offer the knowledge, experience, and ability to educate Frank and Jenny on whether the load-bearing wall can be removed and how the open floor plan can be created. Frank and Jenny could schedule a consultation with Moose Builders to determine if the scope of work matches their project budget. Frank and Jenny could initially hire Moose Builders to do a quick estimate using the information gathered during the visit and Moose Builders would provide them with a quick estimate (“ballpark estimate”) of what the project would cost. Once they receive that information, they could then decide to enlist Moose Builders to complete a detailed proposal.  The detailed estimate would include allowances for items such as flooring, appliances, fixtures, etc. The detailed estimate will be the actual/final cost of the project unless the customer chooses to make any project change request that deviates from the original scope of work. 

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